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Kai-Uwe Kuhnberger, Pascal Hitzler. Facets of Artificial General Intelligence. Kunstliche Intelligenz. 2009 ;:58-59.  (149.36 KB)
Denny Vrandecic, Pascal Hitzler. Faster OWL Using Split Programs. In 2005.  (0 bytes)
Anthony K. Seda, Pascal Hitzler. The Fixed-Point Theorems of Priess-Crampe and Ribenboim in Logic Programming. In 2002.  (0 bytes)
M. Grimm, G. Kalmbach, Pascal Hitzler. Fixpunktsemantik. In 1997.  (0 bytes)
Prateek Jain, Pascal Hitzler, Amit Sheth. Flexible Bootstrapping-Based Ontology Alignment. In The Fifth International Workshop on Ontology Matching collocated with the 9th International Semantic Web Conference ISWC-2010, November 7, 2010; 2010.  (62.44 KB)
Guilin Qi, Yimin Wang, Peter Haase, Pascal Hitzler. A Forgetting-based Approach for Handling Inconsistency in Distributed Ontologies. In 5th European Semantic Web Conference, ESWC08; 2008.  (0 bytes)
Matthias Wendt, Pascal Hitzler. Formal Concept Analysis and Resolution in Algebraic Domains. In ICCS 2003. Shaker Verlag, Aachen; 2003. p. 205-221.  (161.87 KB)
Matthias Wendt, Pascal Hitzler. Formal Concept Analysis and Resolution on Algebraic Domains - Preliminary Report. 2003.  (0 bytes)
Jens Lehmann, Pascal Hitzler. Foundations of Refinement Operators for Description Logics. In 17th International Conference, ILP 2007. Corvallis, OR, USA; 2007. p. 161-174.  (188.77 KB)
Sebastian Rudolph, Markus Krotzsch, Pascal Hitzler. Foundations of Semantic Web Technologies. 2009.  (0 bytes)
Pascal Hitzler, Markus Krotzsch, Sebastian Rudolph. Foundations of Semantic Web Technologies. 2010.
Sebastian Bader, Steffen Holldobler, Andreas Witzel, Pascal Hitzler. A Fully Connectionist Model Generator for Covered First-Order Logic Programs. In Twentieth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, IJCAI-07. Hyderabad, India; 2007. p. 666-671.