Visitors Summer 2007

Summer 2007 — Kno.e.sis Inaugurates Exchange Visitor Program

Kno.e.sis hosted two undergraduates—Aditya Dhoke and Rohan Pandey—from two of the top universities in India for 10 weeks this summer, giving them a short but intense taste of data research at Wright State University. In his technical report, Rohan (second from the left in the photo) described his experience: “I came to the lab interested in learning more about Semantic Web or "Web 3.0." … I was interested in knowing how to develop a "tool" which can "infer" from the data in RDF, which turned out to be a very naive thought…. What I could perceive finally was, the development of Machine Learning technologies, advancements in AI, conglomeration of NLP and Semantics, breakthroughs in database systems and open-source initiatives are…key areas, the development in which would ultimately lead to the achievement of a "Complete Semantic Web" After he returned to India, Rohan wrote: "I am extremely delighted that you gave me that wonderful opportunity which will be a major contribution towards my first concrete steps into a successful future. I am rightfully convinced that I should go back and continue learning. I am really desperate to finish BTech and start a new journey to PhD."

Knoesis grad students and mentors Cartic Ramakrishnan (left) and Matt Perry (right), along with Kno.e.sis Director Prof. Amit Sheth, introduced Exchange Visitors Rohan Pandey and Aditya Dhoke to research in Semantic Web and Web technologies.