Dr. Amit Sheth
Amit P. Sheth
LexisNexis Ohio Eminent Scholar
Executive Director,Kno.e.sis

Amit Sheth is an Educator, Researcher and Entrepreneur. He is the LexisNexis Ohio Eminent Scholar, an IEEE Fellow, and the director of Kno.e.sis- The Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-enabled Computing. Kno.e.sis currently is a multidisciplinary Ohio Center of Excellence in BioHealth Innovation involving computer scientists, cognitive scientists, biomedical researchers and extensive clinical collaborations. It has one of the largest academic research groups in the area of Semantic Web among USA. Its work also places our university among the top few institutions in World Wide Web (WWW)based on 5-year (Mar13) and 10-year (June14) publication impact. Earlier, Dr. Sheth was a professor at the University of Georgia, where he started the LSDIS lab in 1994. His professional appointments also includes senior scientist/staff positions in R&D groups at Bellcore, Unisys, and Honeywell, as well as founding/co-founding and managing three startups in the roles of COB, CEO, SrVP, CTO and Chief Scientist.
Sheth is working towards a vision of Computing for Human Experience incorporating semantics-empowered Physical-Cyber-Social computing. His is recent work has focused on semantics empowered Web 3.0 and Smart Data involving analysis of enterprise, social,and sensor/IoT/IoE/WoT data and applications.In the past, he has extensively worked on federated databases, semantic interoperability and workflow management and services and cloud interoperability.
As an educator: Sheth's most prized achievement is the exceptional success of his past advisees, who have successfully competed against graduates from top 10 universities. They are employed at major research universities (North Carolina State Univ., Case Western Reserve Univ., etc.), top industry research labs (IBM Research Almaden and Watson, Samsung Research, etc.), top technology companies (CISCO, Amazon, etc), hold executive positions and are successful entrepreneurs. Their high demand is demonstrated by first year compensation exceeding $200K for a PhD advisee and $120K for recent MS advisees. Sheth has undertaken many academic initiatives and innovations in the form of developing new academic programs, on-line teaching, international educational and research collaborations, and extensive tutorial presentations to academic and professional audiences.
As a researcher: Sheth is a highly cited Computer Scientists (h-index = 85, i100 = 70 as of early 2014 among top 50 Computer Science Authors based on 10-yr and top 100 based on all years on Microsoft Academic Search), among the top 3 authors in WWW, and among top 25 in databases (citation details below).Quite a few of his former students have over 1000 citations each, including one who is among to 10 authors in WWW based on 10 yr record. He has been a PI of numerous competitive research grants, totaling well over $15 million, sponsored by federal agencies (NSF, NIH, NIST, DARPA, AFRL, etc) as well as industry (Microsoft Research, IBM Research, HP labs, etc.). Additional $5million+ has been awarded to support his technology commercialization and R&D efforts. During 2010 and 2011, his own research expenditures exceeded $1million/year (directly supporting ~25 students and postdocs including 15-18 PhD students) and $2million for the Kno.e.sis Center. He is on several journal editorial boards (including IEEE Internet Computing), is the founding EIC and co-EIC of the International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems (IJSWIS), joint EIC of Distributed and Parallel Databases (DAPD), and a co-editor of two Springer book series (Semantic Web and Beyond: computing for Human Experience, and Advanced Database Systems). He has (co-)organized over 75 international events (conferences/workshops), served on 200+ PCs and given nearly 50 keynotes.
As an Entrepreneur, Technologist, Executive and Leader with Real-World Impact: Sheth's research has led to founding of three companies (one acquired, one sustaining, one recently formed) that have resulted in significant regional impact and development of high-tech jobs. His work has also resulted in several commercial products and many deployed applications in financial, health care, biomedical and Internet domains. He has a long history of leading multidisciplinary and multi-institutional activities. In health care and life sciences ares, his intensive collaborations with clinicians as well as biomedical researchers, have resulting in a large number of research and commercial tools, systems and applications.
As a leader, he has been able to attract the best talent, foster significant collaboration, and achieve unprecedented institutional outcomes (e.g., both LSDIS and Kno.e.sis achieved significant prominence among the top groups in the world). For the companies he has founded, he has also played executive roles encompassing Chairman of the Board, President and CEO, SrVP, CTO and Chief Scientist, supervising a full range of activities including fund raising, finance, customer acquisition/sales, business development and marketing, engineering, recruiting and training. He has served (and continues to serve) on technology and business advisory broads and in a variety of advising roles including international research projects, academic programs, and startups. He has had a long-term interest in higher education, and has given a number of presentations covering policy and strategic issues to policy and decision makers.

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