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Personalized Filtering of the Twitter Stream

Title Personalized Filtering of the Twitter Stream
Author , , ,
Venue International Semantic Web Conference
Book Semantic Personalized Information Management Worshop
Year 2011
Resource Type WorkshopPaper
Keyword(s) Semantic Web,Twitter,PubSubHubbub,Social Network,User Profiling,Personalization
Full Citation Pavan Kapanipathi, Fabrizio Orlandi, Amit Sheth, Alexandre Passant, 'Personalized Filtering of the Twitter Stream', 2nd workshop on Semantic Personalized Information Management at ISWC 2011
Abstract With the rapid growth in users on social networks, there is a corresponding increase in user-generated content, in turn resulting in information overload. On Twitter, for example, users tend to receive uninterested information due to their non-overlapping interests from the people whom they follow. In this paper we present a Semantic Web approach to filter public tweets matching interests from personalized user profiles. Our approach includes automatic generation of multi-domain and personalized user profiles, filtering Twitter stream based on the gen- erated profiles and delivering them in real-time. Given that users interests and personalization needs change with time, we also discuss how our application can adapt with these changes.
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