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Framework for the Analysis of Coordination in Crisis Response

Title Framework for the Analysis of Coordination in Crisis Response
Author , , , ,
Location CSCW workshop on Collaboration & Crisis Informatics
Year 2012
Resource Type Position Paper
Keyword(s) Semantic Analysis,Distributed Decision Making,Cooperative behavior,Organizational Sensemaking,Coordination,Emergency Response,Social Media,Crisis Informatics,Crisis Computing
Full Citation H. Purohit, A. Hampton, V. Shalin, A. Sheth, J. Flach. Framework to Analyze Coordination in Crisis Response. In Proceedings of the CSCW 2012 Workshop on Collaboration and Crisis Informatics, International Reports on Social Informatics, vol. 9, issue 2, 2012, pp 42-46.
Abstract Social Media play a critical role during crisis events, revealing a natural coordination dynamic. We propose a computational framework guided by social science principles to measure, analyze, and understand coordination among the different types of organizations and actors in crisis response. The analysis informs both the scientific account of cooperative behavior and the design of applications and protocols to support crisis management.
Copyright Copyright is held by the author/owner(s). CSCW-12, February 11-15, 2012, Seattle, Washington, USA. ACM 978-1-4503-1051-2/12/02.
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