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Sensor Discovery on Linked Data

Title Sensor Discovery on Linked Data
Author , , ,
Year 2010
Resource Type TechnicalReport
Keyword(s) Semantic Web,Linked Data,Sensor Web Enablement,Architectures and Middleware for Semantic Sensor Networks,Sensor Discovery
Full Citation Joshua Pschorr, Cory Henson, Harshal Patni, and Amit P. Sheth, 'Sensor Discovery on Linked Data', Kno.e.sis Center Technical Report 2010
Abstract There has been a drive recently to make sensor data accessible on the Web. However, because of the vast number of sensors collecting data about our environment, finding relevant sensors on the Web is a non-trivial challenge. In this paper, we present an approach to discovering sensors through a standard service interface over Linked Data. This is accomplished with a semantic sensor network middleware that includes a sensor registry on Linked Data and a sensor discovery service that extends the OGC Sensor Web Enablement. With this approach, we are able to access and discover sensors that are positioned near named-locations of interest.
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