Inexact Matching of Ontology Graphs Using Expectation-Maximization

TitleInexact Matching of Ontology Graphs Using Expectation-Maximization
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsPrashant Doshi, Christopher Thomas
Conference NameInexact Matching of Ontology Graphs Using Expectation-Maximization
PublisherAAAI Press
Conference LocationBoston, MA

We present a new method for mapping ontology schemas that address similar domains. The problem of ontology mapping is crucial since we are witnessing a decentralized development and publication of ontological data. We formulate the problem of inferring a match between two ontologies as a maximum likelihood problem, and solve it using the technique of expectation-maximization (EM). Specifically, we adopt directed graphs as our model for ontologies and use a generalized version of EM to arrive at a mapping between the nodes of the graphs. We exploit the structural and lexical similarity between the graphs, and improve on previous approaches by generating a many-one correspondence between the concept nodes. We provide preliminary experimental results in support of our method and outline its limitations.

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Prashant Doshi and Christopher Thomas, 'Inexact Matching of Ontology Graphs Using Expectation-Maximization,'in Proceedings of the 21st AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Boston, MA, July 16-20, 2006, Special Track on Artificial Intelligence and the Web, Menlo Park: AAAI Press, 2006, pp. 1277-1282.
pages: 1277-1282
year: 2006
venue url:
hasBookTitle: Proceedings of the 21st Conference of the American Association of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2006), Boston, MA, July 16?20, 2006, Special Track on AI and the Web

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