The InfoHarness Information Integration Platform

TitleThe InfoHarness Information Integration Platform
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsS. Thatte, Amit Sheth, L. Shklar, H. Marcus
Conference NameThe InfoHarness Information Integration Platform
Conference LocationChicago, IL

The 'InfoHarness' information integration platform, tools, and services being developed at Bellcore are aimed at providing integrated and rapid access to huge amounts of heterogeneous information independent of the type, representation, and location of information. InfoHarness provides advanced search and browsing capabilities without imposing the burden of restructuring, reformatting or relocating information on information suppliers or creators. This is achieved through object-oriented encapsulation of information and the associated meta-information (e.g., type, location, access rights, owner, creation date, etc.). The meta-information extraction methods ensure rapid and largely automatic creation of information repositories. A gateway that supports access to InfoHarness repositories from Mosaic and other HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) compliant browsers is currently available. An HTTP compliant InfoHarness server is under construction.

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L. Shklar, S. Thatte, H. Marcus, and A. Sheth, 'The InfoHarness Information Integration Platform,' in Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on the World Wide Web, Chicago, IL, October 19-21, 1994.
project: InfoHarness/VisualHarness

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