Unique Supported-Model Classes of Logic Programs

TitleUnique Supported-Model Classes of Logic Programs
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsAnthony K. Seda, Pascal Hitzler
Keywordsdenotational semantics, logic programming, supported-model semantics

We study classes of programs, herein called unique supported-model classes, with the property that each program in the class has a unique supported model. Elsewhere, the authors examined these classes from the point of view of operators defined relative to certain three-valued logics. In this paper, we complement our earlier results by considering how unique supported-model classes fit into the framework given by various classes of programs in several well-known approaches to semantics.

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Pascal Hitzler and Anthony K. Seda.'Unique Supported-Model Classes of Logic Programs.' Information Volume: 4.3 2001: 295-302.
research center: Knowledge Engineering Lab

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