A Semantic Web Model for the Personalized e-Learning

TitleA Semantic Web Model for the Personalized e-Learning
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsS. Lalithsena, K. Hewagamage, K. Jayaratne
Conference Name9th International Information Technology Conference
Conference LocationNegombo, Sri Lanka

Personalized e-Learning is aimed in adapting the learning process of e-Learning based on needs and preferences of the learner instead of providing a onesize- fit-all learning model as in the conventional e- Learning. Exiting solutions for the personalized e- Learning depends on the metadata and various standards defined on the content and user. This paper proposes a semantic web model for personalized e- Learning through which personalization can be further enhanced. It describes a proper mechanism to handle learning content by maintaining a separate knowledge layer for knowledge representation and another one layer to store the content according to the knowledge represented in the above layer. Both the Subject Domain of the learning content and the User Profile for learner’s information would be modeled using an Ontology approach in the semantic web. The proposed model generate the most matching learning path for the learner in a goal oriented way and then could be used to extract relevant learning content.

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