CS 3250: Computational Tools and Techniques for Data Analysis
Project Sites

CS 3250 students complete a semester long project where they identify a system of interest, collect data over that system, and use their domain knowledge to form hypotheses that can be answered from the data. Projects start with a data collection process involving Python scripts that crawl the Web, public databases, and APIs for data extraction and cleaning. The final deliverable is an attractive, interactive web site that allows visitors to interactively explore the data and their hypotheses.

The end result is an awesome, thoughtful data analysis carried out with modern tools and Web technologies. Check them out below!

Spring 2016 Project Sites:

  1. The Presidential Primaries on Twitter
  2. Walt Disney World Wait Times
  3. Videogame Speedruns
  4. Feature Selection for Time Series Data
  5. Finding Your Next Job on Twitter
  6. Character and Profession Types in Guild Wars 2
  7. DOTAlytics
  8. League Skills in the Early Game of League of Legends
  9. Twitter Reactions to the Super Bowl
  10. Twitch Channel Chatting
  11. Reddit Upvotes by the Numbers