I am a postdoctoral researcher / research scientist at the Center for Interactive Smart Oil Field Technologies (CiSOFT) at the University of Southern California. Earlier, I was a doctoral candidate at kno.e.sis center, where I also was the student coordinator of the Services Research Lab . I graduated in August 2009. I was a part of the Large Scale Distributed Information Systems (LSDIS) lab at the University of Georgia, from 2004 till 2006. I am advised by Dr. Amit P. Sheth. I moved up to Dayton, OH, along with my advisor and ten of my colleagues in December 2006. My undergraduate and graduate education were in Mathematics, from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Sri Satya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, India.

Dissertation Topic: Semantic Enriched Service Environments

My Ph.D dissertation centered largely around the service oriented aspects of Web 2.0. My core research interests include microformats for services specification, faceted API search, service integration including smart mashups, dynamic configuration and data mediation , application distribution over the Web and across devices. My research interests also include in the area of social and human computation. Specifically, I am interested in modeling and analysis of social networks, metadata extraction from social data such as Twitter posts and developing social approaches for creating semantic models as well as storage and querying of large semantic models. My current and past research projects are discussed here and here is a list of my publications, patents and presentations.

This web "application" will change its look and feel from time to time. Playing around with different scripting frameworks and web programming have recently taken a sleep disturbing control over me. Currently, my love is for mootools, and mocha. Much of this "application" is written in PHP with a bunch of javascript frameworks like squeezebox and milkbox. For the menu, I adopted a version of the popular son of suckerfish to create the Grandson of Suckerfish. I thank Max, AJ, Wes and Rob for getting me started on these cool things.