Contact Information:
pramod [at] knoesis [dot] org,
pramod [dot] atre [at] gmail [dot] com
Mailing Address:
Pramod Anantharam
Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-enabled Computing (Kno.e.sis)
Wright State University
3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy.
Dayton, Ohio 45435-0001

I am a PhD student at the Kno.e.sis Center, Wright State University, Dayton, OH.

I work in the area of Semantic Web under the guidance of Dr. Amit P. Sheth, who is the founder and director of Kno.e.sis Center.

I'm co-advised by Dr. T. K. Prasad with whom I work on devising algorithms to deal with heterogeneity, uncertainty, incompleteness, and dynamism in domains such as sustainability (e.g., Smart Cities) and Healthcare.

My research interests include Semantic Web, Information Extraction, Internet of Things (IoT), and knowledge representation and reasoning under uncertainty using Bayesian reasoning and Machine Learning techniques. Specifically, I work on algorithms that can leverage existing knowledge of a domain (e.g., ConceptNet, domain ontology) to support probabilistic models. I enjoy applying my research to challenging problems of extracting and understanding events in domains such as Smart Cities and Healthcare.


Professional Activities

  • PC member, ISWC2015 - Research Track
  • PC member, The 6th Workshop on Semantics for Smarter Cities (S4SC 2015) @ ISWC2015
  • PC member, WWW2015 - Web Science Track
  • PC member, WWW2015
  • PC member, 5th Workshop on Semantics for Smarter Cities, collocated with the 13th International Semantic Web Conference, 2014
  • PC member, Second International Workshop on Internet of Things, in Conjunction with CollaborateCom 2014
  • PC member, Semantic Sensor Network Workshop, ISWC 2013
  • PC member, ISWC 2014
  • External reviewer, ESWC 2014
  • PC member, The ICSE 2014 Workshop on Inclusive Web Programming
  • PC member Hypertext 2014
  • PC member WWW2014, Web Science Track
  • External reviewer WWW2014
  • PC member SSN Workshop, ISWC 2013
  • PC member IEEE iThings2013
  • External reviewer, ISWC 2013
  • PC member DeRiVE Workshop, ISWC 2013
  • PC member IJCAI 2013
  • PC member IEEE conference on Internet of Things, 2013
  • External reviewer AAAI AIW 2013
  • External reviewer WWW2013
  • External reviewer HTS2013
  • External reviewer WWW2012
  • External reviewer EKAW2012
  • External reviewer ER2012

Society Membership

SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics)