I have been working on research projects related to semantic data modelling and processing which also require to explore and develope new technique for scalable processing of stored data. I am working with representing social and medical data in form of graph and develope scalable algorithm and system which helps addressing various problems in domains like healthcare, internet marketing and disaster co-ordination.


Current Projects

  • Distributed Neo4j : A distributed graph datastore which allows storing partitioned graph across several computing nodes and process queries in parallel.
  • Influence analysis on Twitter : I am working on finding people getting influenced; consequently end up following a particular user in Twitter. It is based on follower graph formed around a particular user.
  • Implicit context identification using domain model :Co-ordination during crisis requires to locate variuos resource need and supply. We are using social data for this purpose. In this project, we have modeled resource need and supply using a domain model which also contains causal link between resources. This allows to identify implicit resource need (which is not explicitly mentioned in data).
  • Twitris : Twitris 2.0, a Semantic Web application that facilitates understanding of social perceptions by Semantics-based processing of massive amounts of event-centric data. I'm curently working on India Election 2014 analysis from twitter and facebook data., Kno.e.sis research center.
  • SOCS : I am working on Identifying seeker, supplier behavior and co-ordination activity in the event of disasaster using Twitter data. It's an NSF funded project and details can be found here., Kno.e.sis research center.

  • Past Projects

  • ICD9 PCS coding using Graph Approach : I worked and implemented a graph based approach for computer assisted coding which provides ICD9 Procedure codes from given parsed EMR (Electronic Medical Record), ezDI, May 2013 - Aug 2013.
  • Inter cloud data migration : Different cloud service providers are following different schema to store the data in cloud. The project provides best way to migrate data across clouds and hence frees the customers from data lock-in., M.Tech thesis project at DA-IICT, Aug 2010-Apr 2011.
  • TTG/PDG protocol module interaction : Different protocol module interaction and front end back end interaction development, Stoke Networks, Sep 2011 - June 2012
  • Publications


  • Bhatt S., Purohit H., Hampton A, Shalin V., Sheth A. and Flach J. With Whom to Coordinate, Assisting Coordi nation during Crisis: A Domain Ontology based Approach to Infer Resource Needs from Tweets, ACM WebScience 2014
  • Purohit H., Bhatt S., Hampton A, Shalin V., Sheth A. and Flach J. With Whom to Coordinate, Why and How in Ad-hoc Social Media Communities during Crisis Response, The 11th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management, 2014
  • Purohit H., Hampton A., Bhatt S., Shalin V., Sheth A. and Flach J. An Information Filtering and Management Model for Twitter Traffic to Assist Crises Response Coordination. JCSCW 2013 - Special Issue on Crisis Informatics and Collaboration, 2014.
  • Purohit H., Andrew H., Shalin V., Sheth A., Flach J., and Bhatt S.. What kind of# conversation is Twitter? Mining# psycholinguistic cues for emergency coordination. Computers in Human Behavior 29, no. 6 (2013): 2438-2447.
  • Bhatt S., Chaudhary S. and Bhise M. Migration of Data between Cloud and Non-Cloud Datastores. Migrating Legacy Applications: Challenges in Service Oriented Architecture and Cloud Computing Environments (2012): 206, IGI Global.
  • Bhatt S., Gupta P., Chaudhary S., RDF/RDFS to Relational Database : A case in intercloud data migration, International Conference on Frontier of Computer Science, IISC Bangalore, August 2011.

  • Invited Student Talk

  • An Approach to migration of database from one cloud to other clouds at wcloud 2011, Workshop on Issues in Virtualization/Cloud Systems, IIT Bombay, February 2011.

  • Media Coverage

  • Project on India Election 2014 predictive analysis covered was at oneindia for analyzing political leader visit impact from Twitter data.
  • Project on India Election 2014 predictive analysis was covered at BBC.
  • Project on India Election 2014 predictive analysis was covered at oneindia. for analyzing potical parties impact.
  • Project on India Election 2014 predictive analysis was covered at CNBC. as well as The Atlantic
  • Work Experience

  • Working as Research Assistant with Dr. Amit Sheth at Kno.e.sis center, Wright State University, Ohio.
  • Summer internship as Research Engineer at ezDI, May 2013 - August 2013.
  • Software Developer at Stoke Networks Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, June 2012 - July 2013.
  • Teaching Assistant at DA-IICT, August 2009 - May 2011.
  • Contact

  • Email : shreyansh@knoesis.org
  • Phone : 305-753-9629
  • Skype : shreyansh.bhatt2