I am Monireh Ebrahimi, a Graduate Research Assistant at Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-enabled Computing ( Kno.e.sis) at Wright State University. At Semantic Web Research Lab, my research areas include Machine learning, Natural Language Processing, and Semantic Web.

I am also PhD Student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Wright State University and a recipient of Graduate Council Scholar award. I graduated from University of Technology, Malaysia (UTM) as a best student in master of Computer Science. I have earned a B.Sc. degree in Software Engineering from Shiraz University in 2010.

I am currently working on Harassment Detection on Social Media and also eDrugTrends projects at Kno.e.sis. Follow the links on left for further details on my publications and other details.


        Context-Aware Harassment Detection on Social Media is an inter-disciplinary project among the Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-enabled Computing (Kno.e.sis), the Department of Psychology, and Center for Urban and Public Affairs (CUPA) at Wright State University. The aim of this project is to develop comprehensive and reliable context-aware techniques (using machine learning, text mining, natural language processing, and social network analysis) to glean information about the people involved and their interconnected network of relationships, and to determine and evaluate potential harassment and harassers. An interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, social scientists, urban and public affairs professionals, educators, and the participation of college and high schools students in the research will ensure wide impact of scientific research on the support for safe social interactions.

        eDrugTrends is an inter-disciplinary project between the Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-enabled Computing (Kno.e.sis) and the Center for Interventions, Treatment and Addictions Research (CITAR) at Wright State University developed to monitor cannabis and synthetic cannabinoid use.


  • Iraj Sadegh Amiri, Monireh Ebrahimi, Amir Hossein Yazdavar, S. Ghorbani, S. E. Alavi, Sevia M. Idrus, J. Ali, “Transmission of Data with OFDM Technique for Communication Networks Using GHz Frequency Band Soliton Carrier”, IET Communications Journal (IEEE) (Published)
  • Elnaz Akbari, Zolkafle Buntat, Aria Enzevaee, Monireh Ebrahimi, Amir Hossein Yazdavar, Rubiyah Yusof, “Analytical Modelling and Simulation of I-V Characteristics in Carbon Nanotube Based Gas Sensors Using ANN and SVR Methods”, Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems Journal, (Elsevier), (Published)
  • Monireh Ebrahimi, Amir Hossein Yazdavar, Naomie Salim, “Recognition of Side Effects as Implicit-Opinion Words in Drug Reviews”, Journal of Soft Computing and Decision Support Systems, (Submitted)
  • Amir Hossein Yazdavar, Monireh Ebrahimi, Naomie Salim, “Fuzzy Based Implicit Sentiment Analyses on Quantitative Sentences in Drug Reviews”, Journal of Soft Computing and Decision Support Systems, (Submitted)
  • E.Tonnizam Mohamad, D. Jahed Armaghani, E. Momeni, Amir Hossein Yazdavar, Monireh Ebrahimi, “Prediction of Uniaxial Compressive Strength of Sandstone Based on PSO-BP Neural Network”, European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering, (under revision)
  • Honors and Awards

    Wright State University Graduate Council Scholar for the 2015-2016 academic year (given to a select handful of the most outstanding incoming graduate students each year)

    Best Postgraduate Student Award in Master of Science (Computer Science) at University Technology Malaysia- October 2013

    Skills and Research Activities

  • Language Fluency: Java, Python, Octave, XML, HTML, MySQL, Matlab
  • Machine Learning algorithms & tools: SVM, PSO, ANN, GA, Fuzzy, WEKA
  • Reviewing: Recognized reviewer of Journal of Biomedical informatics
  • Natural Language Processing tools: GATE (General Architecture for Text Engineering), Lucene
  • Bioinformatic tools: UMLS, MetaMap
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    About Kno.e.sis

            The Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-enabled Computing (Kno.e.sis ) at Wright State University performs world-class research on translating information to meaning, towards the vision of Computing for Human Experience. The well-funded center consists of 13 labs and approximately 100 multidisciplinary researchers, including 15 faculty members and more than 50 Ph.D. students from Computer Science (i.e., machine learning, natural language processing, information retrieval, knowledge representation, databases, data mining, bioinformatics, and visualization), biomedical sciences, health informatics, and cognitive science.

            The center's current focus is on Web 3.0 topics, including the Semantic/Social/Sensor Webs, Web of Things, and Ubiquitous-Mobile-Cloud Computing, with varied applications such as disaster management and diplomacy (e.g., social media-based emergency coordination, water diplomacy), e-Sciences with a focus on health-care and life sciences (metabolomics, human parasite research, extra-medical use of painkillers, reducing hospital readmissions, cardiology data mining, and literature-based knowledge discovery), and defense/intelligence (warfighter situational awareness, sociocultural-behavioral analysis, human effectiveness).


    monireh [at] knoesis [dot] org

    monire [dot] ebrahimi [at] gmail [dot] com